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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada
March 8, 2007
Acton Agricultural Society

Acton Agricultural Society March 8, 2007 tour of the new Acton Indoor Soccer building under construcition in Prospect Park.

Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette (2nd from left) is among many being taken on a tour of the new Acton Indoor Soccer Building under construction in Prospect Park.

The event was an Acton Agricultural Society building donation and Fair Sponsor appreciation evening - I was there as a guest of Acton's Sobeys (thanks Mark). The group started with a tour of the new multi-use facility which, while the evening was a little chilly, was still very interesting. The new soccer floor will use an artificial turf with rubber beads mixed throughout the fake grass.

Dufferin Aggregates was the buildings largest contributor and was given the naming rights - their choice: "Dufferin Rural Heritage and Community Centre". The picture below shows the current state of construction within the building looking towards the front office area.

Inside Acton's new "Dufferin Rural Heritage and Community Centre" facility in Prospect Park.

March 9, 2007
Can you hear me Scott?

I have long been a fan of Scott Adams' sense of humour and his famous comic strip - Dilbert and also of his Dilbert Blog.

Scott has set up a Google Alert for when his name is used on the net so I thought it would be cool to talk to him through my webpage. Instead of sending him an email of appreciation I thought this would be a novel way to communicate - when this page is posted to the internet he will be sent an alert with a wink to this webpage. Besides he probably has to wade through tons of crap email in his inbox and he might delete mine by accident!

As an added bonus I have drawn a Dilbert frame with the idea that Dilbert has attended a Elbonian management training course by accident and has let it go to his head. Dogbert and Ratbert have to stage an intervention to bring back Dilbert - away from the darkside.

A Dilbert tribute for Scott Adams by James Hamilton.

No contact from Scott yet.

Retro April 27, 2006
Sunrise on Escarpment pond

Sunrise on escapment pond along Highway 25, north of Milton.

It's been warming up a bit around this neck of the woods so I thought I would bring out a warm looking picture. This is a small pond beside a farm along Highway 25 just north of Milton as the escarpment starts to drop.

I needed something nice as I had a bit of a bad day. The car needed repairs and when I went to pay my debit card was declined. When I went for gas my card was cancelled! I went to my bank here in Acton (TD Canada Trust) and found out that the card may have been compromised and they were trying to protect me. Annoyance turned to satisfaction that they are looking out for me.

Retro April 15, 2006
Jungle Cat World, Ontario

mountain lion from Jungle Cat World in Ontario

Joe and I took the kids to the Jungle Cat World zoo located in Clarington, Ontario. They had a nice variety of animals to look at including this nice mountain lion that you could get very close to. This one even fogged up my camera lens when he breathed out at the fence.

He kind of reminded me of my mother's cat when he was a little kitten - placed ever so carefully into a glass jar for some maximum cuteness.

picture of small kitten in glass jar - so cute

March 13, 2007
Silvercreek in winter

Silvercreek flows in winter just north of Georgetown, Ontario

Winter had a mild break and warmed up enough to start the snow melting which got the creeks flowing again. Here is Silvercreek just northwest of Georgetown, Ontario, as it drops down with a couple of small waterfalls.

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