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Acton Restaurants - Places to eat in Acton.

There are many great places to eat in Acton and some are in the immediate area of the Olde Hide House.
Restaurant listings

A. Subway I. A&K Food Stop Q. Mr Sub
B. Pizzaville J. A Taste of Italy R. New Orleans Pizza
C. Andy's Family K. Mill St Crossing S. KFC
D. Godfathers Pizza L. Tanners Rest T. McDonalds
E. Starlight Cafe M. Sen Sen Chinese
F. The Holland Shop N. Rallis Burger
G. Mannys Road Hse
G2. Double Dragon Asian
G3. Town Friar
G4. Jay's Ice Cream
O. Tim Horton's
H. Leathertown Tavern P. Double Happiness

Restaurant pictures

A: Subway
B: Pizzaville
C: Andy's Family Restaurant
D: Godfathers Pizza
E: The Starlight Cafe
F: The Holland Shop


G: Manny's Road House
G2: D&D Rest (Double Dragon Asian Rest) 
G3: Town Friar Fish and Chips
H: Leathertown Tavern
I: A&K Food Stop, Chinese Food
J: A Taste of Italy
K: Mill St Crossing (English style pub).
L: Tanners Restaurant (across from the Olde Hide House)
M: Sen Sen Restaurant - Chinese Food
N: Rallis Burger Family Restaurant (formerly Picadilly's)
O: Tim Hortons
P: Double Happiness Restaurant - Chinese Food
Q: Mr Sub
R: New Orleans Pizza
T: McDonald's
X: And who can forget the hot dog lady - she always gives the students a discount. She often sets up across from the Sobeys mall and will also go to special events.

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