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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada
February 28, 2007
Ice fishing on Fairy Lake

Ice fishing on Fairy Lake, Prospect Park, Acton, Ontario.

It was a beautiful day out, warm and the sun was shining on little Acton. In Prospect Park I notice some ice fishermen out on Fairy Lake so since they obviously made it I gather my courage and also head out onto the ice.

One father had brought his children out for a round of ice fishing and he told me the ice was about 16 inches thick. There was also two other men fishing and they had caught a small pike and a crappy (bad name for a fish I thought). I like the little rods and the use of the fish finders. The dog was very friendly and wanted to play more than he wanted to fish.

March 1, 2007
Winter Snow Warning

Snowfall in downtown Acton, Ontario. Night shot.

The snow had started to taper off when I went downtown to see the impact of the latest snow fall in Acton. This is a calm time before the ice pellets and freezing rain had blown into town. The storm started in our area around 1pm and in two hours had created a difficult driving situation - especially in and around Toronto.

Combined with the bad weather that continued into Friday morning the kids had a couple of snow days.

March 3, 2007
A day up in Barrie 

Joe Hamilton in Barrie, Ontario. He is wearing HBC Canada winter hat.

The three Hamilton brothers - John, Jim and Joe, gather with families at the Barrie Hamilton's (John) location in Big Bay Point. Joe, the youngest brother, wears a cool HBC trappers hat which he needs as we head out onto the ice of Lake Simcoe.

March 4, 2007
Tree falls in Toronto

MairiAnna Bachynsky  of CTV news talks with a member of Toronto Hydro about a large tree branch that fell down on a house and overhead hydro wires.

MairiAnna Bachynsky of CTV news talks to a member of Toronto Hydro about the damage caused by a tree falling on a house and across overhead hydro wires. The news report is also posted on the CTV site here.

Toronto Hydro crews and equipment respond to a trouble call involving a tree across hydro wires and a house.

March 4, 2007
A visit in the Beaches

Brian and Tommy slide down a hill in the Beaches section of Toronto.

We visit Brian and Shawnessy and the kids in the Beaches section of Toronto and we take advantage of the snow to go toboganning. Brian goes down the hill with Tommy. This is before Brian was bucked off the GT racer and Tommy continues driving down the hill until he was stopped by Ann - Tommy loved the whole experience.

Kevin goes down the large run and loses a shoe near the bottom of the hill - then he wipes out. Watch the video of this event - hosted on YouTube.


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