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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada
Hello everyone, welcome to our family.

Florida vacation - Hamilton family picture

Hamilton family at the Atlantic Ocean in Florida - Feb 2005. Left to right: Kevin, Ann, Erin, James.

We are a Canadian family of four living in the Province of Ontario. We live in a small house in the small Town of Acton and we have stayed here because it is a great place to live. Since being married Ann and I have also lived in Brampton and Barrie.

James and Ann honeymoon suite

James and Ann on the honeymoon - June 1988.

I have invited the Queen and Princess Di to drop by for a barbeque but they were both unable to attend. Their staff wrote back to say they couldn't make it - see the letters here.

Ann works at the local supermarket - Sobeys (Hi Mark), and I (James) work for a large Hydro Electric company. We haven't been able to force the kids to work yet so they just have that school stuff to worry about now (update - Kevin just got a job at Blue Springs Funeral Home). Here is a picture of part of Sobeys flower department.

Erin used to do gymnastics started to play the electric guitar while Kevin plays baseball and also the piano and the bass guitar - he hopes to get a group going when he can find some spare time. Rounding out our family is our cross eyed cat Conan, a budgie named KT (kitty treat) and a hamster named Erwin.

Erin carries Conan the cat

Erin carries Conan the cat when she was younger.

The Keg Restaurant logo

Both Ann, myself and my brother Joe worked at the (Brampton) Keg Restaurant for many years during the 1980's and have many great memories and friends from that time.

Ann and Lori at the upstairs bar - Brampton Keg

Ann and Lori at the upstairs bar.

The Keg restaurant was located near the Four Corners of Brampton (Main St. and Queen St.). This was the old location for the restaurant which has since moved up to Main St and Bovaird St (70 Gillingham Dr: 905-456-3733).

I came to the Keg Brampton from the Dixie/Dundas Mississauga Keg and I came to love the people and the atmosphere of the place - in fact that is where I met and married my wife Ann.

The restaurant was located in a very old building with quite a history and many people swear it was haunted. I know I hated to be alone at night in the building. The building had a small alley where we kept the garbage bin and across from the main entrance was the public parking lot which is now a large building under construction.

What made the Keg great was the people that worked there and I miss seeing many of them now and am grateful for some that keep in contact although we rarely meet. We partied most of the time we worked and long into the night afterwards. And I must admit I partied too hard many times and did to many foolish things. We also had some great customers who also made it a pleasure to work there.

Ian and Heather ran the place and there were so many superstars that you got to meet like all the ue's, John and Nancy, Kevin, Marie, Ingrid, Linda, Rick, Lorrie, Laura, Cindy, Scotty and all the great people in prep, cooking, cocktail, bartending and the list goes on and on....

There were a few marriages besides ours and some staff were very popular with quite a few people, such as Brian, and some went on to manage other Keg's - including Geoff and Jon.

If you have any memories or pictures that you want to share of the Brampton Keg please send them to me and I will post them on my website.

You can find more pictures of the Keg at my brother's website.

Erin has written a couple of haiku poems for school - presented here for your consideration.


Trees planted nicely

Nature is a pretty thing

Please respect nature

I think

I think about why...

Bright red leaves fall in Autumn

It's because they can

Ann graduates from Sheridan College

Ann graduates from Sheridan College.

James in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves - lineman training

James during Reserve lineman training at CFB Kingston.

James in uniform during basic training.

James in uniform - Reserve forces during basic training.

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See more family information here.

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