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2008 Toronto Buskerfest in Support of Epilepsy Toronto

About 80 exciting street performers descended into the St Lawrence Market area of downtown Toronto to participate in the annual festival which draws over 1/2 million visitors to the area over the three day event. And this year I decide to see what's happening once again (for the 2006 fest pictures see my page here).

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - Mr Spin dismounts from his 'suicycle'

Australia's Mr Spin takes a flying dismount from his unicycle he calls the 'suicycle.'

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - Sharon Mahoney as 'Tallulah'

'Tallulah' or Sharon Mahoney brings several spectators into her act. The act of climbing onto the shoulders of one helper results in some funny slapstick.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - 'Tallulah' or Sharon Mahoney

To add to the excitement she uses flaming wands of death and after a successful act she blows out the flames.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - performers walk towards their next show

Performers walk towards their next show. I think it is Dream State Circus.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest -  crowds along Front Street

Some familiar territory in this area of Toronto - including the flatiron building.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - Sony Theatre overhang

Thunder and lighting and a lot of rain interrupted the fun during a small part of the day. Here a performer on a unicycle finds protection under the overhang of the Sony Theatre.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - kid splashes in a puddle

A little child jumps in a rain puddle.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - Yellow Tail wine bubble bath

Someone enjoys a yellow tail wine bubble bath.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - behind a wall of sunglasses

The crowds pass by on the street behind a wall of sun glasses for sale.

For more pictures of the Festival click on my page here. 

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