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2008 Toronto Buskerfest in Support of Epilepsy Toronto

The show is so successful it is hard to get a chance to see the buskers in action. Hundreds of fans quickly surround each area as the performer gets ready to set up. 

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - Kate Mior of Toronto as Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette gives us a wink. Kate Mior of Toronto is part living statue and part mime.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - balloon dragon

There were a couple of awesome balloon figures - including this dragon above and the tiger below.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - tiger balloon figure

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - Toronto Aerial Dance School

Two acrobats of the Toronto Aerial Dance School.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - Flam Chen balloons

The large colourful balloons of Flam Chen rise above the Front Street crowds.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - stilt walker

A lady on stilts greets the visitors.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - Silver Elvis, Petter Jarvis of Toronto

Silver Elvis, the robotic Peter Jarvis, moves when money hits his bucket - Thank you very much.

2008 Toronto Buskerfest - toilet reservations

Reservations for one. Three thrones, Johnny on the spots, stand at the ready - if you have a reservation and a tip available. Port a Potty theatre at it's best. 

And that is the end of my pictures of an eventful day. For the previous page click here, to return to the original photoblog entry click here. To go to the official Buskerfest page click here.

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