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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada
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The 2006 Toronto Buskerfest - Street preformers take over Front Street beside the St Lawrence Market.

2006 Toronto Buskerfest - girl gets her face painted

A child gets her face painted in remarkable colours.

The street festival is free - a donation to support Epilepsy Toronto is requested, then the roads in the area (closed to vehicles) become centre stage for a large variety of street performers. I took Erin with me this time and we wandered the streets, stopping here and there to see crafts or watch the performances. The performers aren't paid and count on donations so please give freely.

2006 Toronto Buskerfest - child from the crowd helps with a performance - spinning plate on  a pole..2006 Toronto Buskerfest - getting face painted

2006 Toronto Buskerfest - man from crowd becomes part of performance - fire juggling

Be aware that you might have to volunteer to help out in the performance!

2006 Toronto Buskerfest -  Australian airlines - hola hoops while on performers shoulders..2006 Toronto Buskerfest - large balloon dragon

2006 Toronto Buskerfest -  balancing and juggling performance..2006 Toronto Buskerfest - period dress performer

The 2007 Toronto Buskerfest is on the 23rd to 26th of August and I highly recommend that you attend.

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