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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada

While Acton is a small town it enjoys the benefits of being close to major population centres like Brampton, Mississauga, Milton and Guelph. You can shop in town for almost anything or head out on a small drive for all the shopping that you might need. Later in the evening we roll up the sidewalks and head to bed.

Acton at night

My dad was in the army so we often moved across Canada to his various postings and Ann's dad was with Hydro and she also had to move quite a bit - so we decided to stay with the kids in a small town. Yes, a place where they could grow up and walk where ever they wanted to go. Unfortunately they don't want to walk, luckily they are not old enough to have cars so they don't have much choice!

While there are no large malls to hang out in kids can still have fun working - just like their parents. And besides that, they can always go to the arena - they also put on a few teen dances during the year, the skateboard park (when it is ready) the pool and the "Off the Wall" community youth centre. Movie theatres are close by with the largest big box type in Milton at the Galaxy Theatre (20 minutes away). They can also go outside and just get some fresh air!

Snowboarders in Acton park

Curling is a big part of Canadian culture which I admit I did not participate in as a kid. Ann has always wanted to play so we signed up at the Acton Curling Club and we have had great time. We are slowly learning how to play and have really enjoyed meeting all the people who show up to curl, plus it is great excercise. We have even got Erin taking lessons with her friend this year. Now I can even watch it on TV!

You can also feed the ducks, geese and the occasional swans that make spend some time around Fairy Lake. I feed the ducks and baby geese in the following videos.

The King of Acton

Some of my best memories of Acton are from taking my kids on adventure walks through the undeveloped areas around the Black Creek (a tributary of the Credit River) along the CN railway south of the Olde Hide House.

Starting out on the walks we past a pond hidden behind a large fence which I told the kids was part of an old castle where the King of Acton used to live. I said that there were alligators in the pond and threw rocks to fool them into thinking the alligators where lurking in the water.

Part of the walk was along an old railway bed that has long since been removed. The path has a barrier at the bridge (see below) and large trees have fallen and block the route. Acton needs to celebrate this area and turn it into a conservation area with a path to let more people enjoy the beauty of the area.

Continuing along the creek we walk past a large pond that has been which has been named Frog Pond by the kids in the area.

Frog pond, Acton, Ontario

Acton Flour Milling

A lot of the charm of Acton is found within Prospect Park and it's massive body of water - Fairy Lake. The creek was dammed to provide the power of water for the flour mill. The town has down some great work at the dam and built a nice garden and a lookout platform where you can sit and enjoy the afternoon or do some fishing.

Fairy Lake Dam, Acton, Ontario

The Mill is still in operation and is doing very well.

Halton Flour Milling company, Acton, Ontario

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