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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada

Kevin Hamilton in a tree
Erin Hamilton in a tree

We are very lucky in that Kevin and Erin sometimes get along. It makes up for the times that they fight like cats and dogs. Kevin is now in high school and has got his first job.

Kevin batting, Acton minor league baseball
Erin in goal, Acton soccer league

Kevin is had a great time with the Acton baseball team and Erin is back in soccer.
James and Neil in a canoe race, Kawagama Lake regatta
Erin floating in Kawagama Lake

At the annual Kawagama Lake Band Family get together James and Neil try a canoe race (that's us to the right) and Erin floats in the Lake.

Ann and I have joined the Acton Curling Club and have had a lot of fun (and exercise). In the 2006/2007 season we curled with Michael and Michelle and after stepping it up in the finals we ended on a personal high - we were average! We continue to play with Michael and Michelle and one day we will rule the club.

It all started when Ann said that she has long wanted to curl and the curling club had done some marketing at the Acton Fall Fair and the Leathertown Festival. We dropped by, saw what was involved and signed up. I even found out that a lot of people took curling in school. We highly recommend joining your local club and giving it a try - you too can be average like us some day (dare to dream). Joe provided the following picture of our team.

Acton Curling Club 2006/2007 team - friday night mixed. Ann, James, Miichelle and Michael (the skip).

Ann (3rd), James (2nd), Michelle (lead) and Michael (skip)


Some Home Videos

Erin and Kevin roll down a large hill by the Guelph Dam. Erin goes spinning out of control while Kevin can only roll in a large arc - frustrated by geometry.

Mel B joins the kids on an outing to the shores of Lake Erie to play in the windy surf. At the end of the video the kids get sprayed by a large wave that snuck up on them.


Erin at peace and on sugar.

Now she is a teenager!

Erin Hamilton at Burlington beach along the shores of Lake Ontario

 Some Great Links

My brother - Joe Hamilton's website. Here he is at the Brick Works going so fast he is a blur - superjoe.

photographer Joe at Don Valley Brickworks

Ann's Father - Don Mincoff's website.

Don Mincoff, Ontario, Canada

Toronto Grand Prix Tourist - blog.

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