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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada
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Region of Halton sewage treatment plant along Black Creek in Acton, Ontario

The Region of Halton sewage treatment plant forms the southern leg of the nature trail.

Acton nature pathway continues along sewage treatment property fence heading towards Churchill Road South

Heading away from Black Creek we proceed Easterly towards Churchill Road South and the CN railway line.

sewage treatment plant driveway at the CN rail line crossing

The Region of Halton's sewage treatment plant has a driveway which crosses the CN rail line and continues to Churchill Road South just south of Longfield Road. Use caution at all rail crossings.

the sewage treatment plant driveway crosses CN railway and heads to Churchill Rd South in Acton, Ontario

Looking Northeast towards Acton from the treatment plant's driveway and crossing of the CN railway. The driveway continues to the east toward Churchill Road South (along right hand side).

railway continues towards Acton. Depression to the left contains a pond

A depression to the left holds a pond while the railway continues northwards towards Acton and the Old Hide House.

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