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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada
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Geese take flight on Frog Pond, Acton, Ontario

Two Canadian Geese take flight over Acton's Frog Pond. Winter is winding down and most of the ice is off the pond.

A side trail on the south side of Frog Pond

A side trail along the south side of Frog Pond cuts across to the easterly trail alongside the CN railway.

raised path south of Frog Pond along Black Creek

The raised path passes between a small pond on the left and the Black Creek valley on the right. The sewer continues along this pathway as well just to the south of Frog Pond.

a steel retaining wall holds the pathway beside a small pond

An interlocking steel retaining wall holds up the path as it proceeds next to a small pond.


A steep hill facing the treatment plant is a great place to practice snowboarding.

Frog Pond in Acton, Ontario

Frog Pond, looking north east from the path (along the left side). The trail continues on the far right while a side trail climbs the hill along the south side of the pond.

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