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The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada
October 19, 2008
Toronto Zombie Walk

Zombie bride at the 2008 Toronto Zombie Walk

A lovely zombie bride waits for a zombie wedding (it was beautiful, I cried for the happy couple) or the 2008 Toronto Zombie Walk which started at Trinity Bellwood Park and continued along the streets of Toronto. The event was fantastic and there was over 1000 zombies participating. If you can stand the horror of it all I have tons of zombie pictures hosted on a photoshelter gallery here or check out the Youtube slide show.

The gathering in the pit o zombies was proceeded by a Cardboard Warriors battle led by Skull Man. Also attending the Zombie Walk were some of the extras and the producer of the movie DEADSPIEL - "the greatest curling zombie film ever!" The filming took place here at the Acton Curling Club.

2008 Toronto Zombie Walk - producer and extras promote the movie DEADSPIEL - "the best curling zombie film ever made!"

This fall has turned out to be a very busy time. I am hoping to go to the 2008 Fashion Cares presents Fashion sCares event on November 1 and Ann and I have scored some great tickets to an upcoming Maple Leafs hockey game. The only bad news is that on October 21, 2008 it SNOWED in the GTA (light snow, but snow none the less).

October 24, 2008
Police Tactical Unit

Halton Regional Police Tactical Unit - armed searches in Acton

In these exclusive photos the Halton Regional Police Tactical Unit (ETF or SWAT) was called out to Acton because of a reported person allegedly threatening people with a machete near the downtown core. They searched several homes looking for the person. They come up to a house with their automatic weapons and shields at the ready in the above picture, while below the team stand down and return to their unmarked police vans.

Halton Regional Police Tactical Unit - armed searches in Acton, SWAT team stands down

Halton Regional Police Tactical Unit - armed searches in Acton end

Police on the scene confirmed that a suspect was arrested and placed into custody.

October 26, 2008
Band family visit

Rockwood Conservation Area - Old Mill and window shadows

The Band Family from Toronto dropped by for a fun visit and although the weather was miserable we headed over to Rockwood Conservation Area (which is now closed to vehicle traffic) and while on our hike the sun came out and it turned into a very nice day. The bright sun shines onto the walls of the old mill and creates some interesting shadows.

We had passed by some caves in the limestone walls of the escarpment and while deep underground we found the scary monsters below, later we continued on the path through the forest.

Rockwood Conservation Area - monsters in the limestone caves

Rockwood Conservation Area - path through forest

We also borrowed a pair of cute kittens from our neighbours and cuddled with the them for about an hour before finally returning them - boy, that was close. Here is Erin with the most relaxed of the two kittens.

Erin with a cute kitten

October 31, 2008
Halloween kitties

two kitties dressed up for halloween

Our neighbours showed up on Halloween night to show us their cute little kittens dressed up for the night. One had a blue hoodie and the other one had a witches hat on.


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