2005 Acton Leathertown Festival

Acton's 2005 Leathertown Festival had great weather and lots of visitors. Thanks for dropping by to visit Acton, Ontario.
The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday August 7, 2005 Highway 7 at Highway 25

The Town of Acton closes off Mill Street East (Highway 7) from Main Street (Highway 25) to Eastern Street (at the Olde Hide House) to put on a celebration named after our famous leather industry.

Buskers and artists (singing and painting) along with games and craftspeople take over the street while tourists and Actonites rove up and down the street looking for excitement.

You can find their homepage at Downtown Acton.


Starting at 11AM the festival also has a classic car show.


Miss Acton Fall Fair 2005 was walking out among her fans.


Here are the crowds looking from midway - east towards the Olde Hide House area.


Here we look out on the crowded street near the eastern boundary of the festival. There are plenty of vendors selling their wares and Ann's favourite flag lady is back.
Several rounds of pie eating consume plenty of creme pies - here is a semi-final round coming down to the last crumbs.
The contestants can't use their hands to eat the pies so it becomes very messy.
In the kids area they had groups putting on shows.  The Robert Little Everybody Dance club also performed at the event.

Here at the left are some bright orange dancers wowing the crowd.

The Acton Citizen Band goes on (Ann is not in the band but she should because she is an excellent clarinet player).

The finals of the Acton Idol were held along with other rock and country bands on the main stage at the intersection of Highways 7 and 25.


Erin cannot resist the lure of cute, cuddly stuffed animals and we spend the festivals few final minutes trying her luck.

The crowd gathers to take in the fire juggling, unicycle riding busker.

Looking west towards the main stage and the finals of the Acton Idol competition.

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