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We love to take pictures to remember the good times. Come in and get to know us.

The Hamilton Family of Acton, Ontario, Canada

2005 Acton Fall Fair

Probably the most exciting ride on this midway.


Everything is in ready for the crowds to come.


Here are the same rides in action. Somebody was standing beside the ride and thought it was raining - but someone had blown chunks!


Acton's own Citizens Band during the Saturday parade.
The hay people greet the crowd at the entrance to the fair.
The ever popular tractor pulls and lawn tractor pulls.


Here are prizes waiting for winners - one is sleeping with the fishes. This is how we ended up with our first fish and we had to spend a fortune on the aquarium for it.
The racing hogs were fantastic. They had baby pigs, grown up pigs, ducks and sheep all running around the race course. After they finished the race they went up the ramp and into the trailer all by themselves. They were very cute.


The horeshoe tournament was well attended. Here is the tail end of one round. I was amazed at how good these guys were - so many ringers.


The sun sets on Fairy Lake as the 2005 Acton Fall Fair draws to a close.

You can see some 2007 Acton Fall Fair pictures here.

Here is a shot of the Acton Fair made by putting a couple of pictures together to make a panorama using AUTOSTITCH (a great Canadian product).